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This website was created to give you helpful and fun ideas on how to clean and organize your home. You can either search each page to see what has been added, or you can look to the right under “Recent Posts”, and see what I’ve recently added to the site.

Below is a brief description of each page:

Organizing – Full of great ideas on how to keep your home organized, as well as fun products I come across that will make organizing easier.

Cleaning – Tips on how to clean your home, as well as how to make your own cleaning products.

Make it – Fun things you can make to organize your home or make for someone else to help them keep their home organized.

My Thoughts – Here you will find my random thoughts,favorite books and recipes, and other blogs that will inspire you to clean and organize your home.

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If you have any idea great ideas on how to clean and organize your home, send me a message using the “contact me” tab and I might just put it on my website! Just make sure to leave me your first name and what state you live in.

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  1. Took a tiny step today- partially cleared my Family Room to accommodate my #2 Son’s Loveseat since he’s moving back to Jersey. Garage in shambles but there’s a place for the Loveseat! Ideas to get the garage organized?

    • I need to organize my garage too. Unfortunately it needs to cool off here before I spend any amount of time in the garage (it’s still over 100 degrees here). When I get to that point I will definitely let you know! But good job on clearing out part of your family room!

  2. I came to the website looking for the “Room Worksheets” and “Room Charts”, but I cannot find them. Where do I need to look for them?

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