A Gift In A Can – A Fun Way To Give Gift Cards

A Gift In A Can – A Fun Way To Give Gift Cards

I love fun ways to give gift cards. Yes, you could stick one in a card but it’s so much fun opening a gift (much more fun that just opening a card). Sometimes I carefully open the bottom of cereal boxes or granola bar boxes (even more fun if they are the recipient’s favorite cereal or granola bars) and stick the gift card in the box, carefully gluing the bottom of the box back together.

But my absolute favorite way of giving gift cards is to put them in a can.


Here’s what you’ll need:
*A touchless, battery operated can opener (these open the entire lid of a can, not just the inside of the lid like regular can openers do). I bought mine at walmart for $20.

*A can that has a pop top opener (see picture at the very top)

*Colorful paper of your choice

*Aileen’s craft glue (If I was handy with a hot glue gun I might try that too. However, I’m not so I’ll stick with what works for me. If you get a hot glue gun to work for you let me know).

*A gift card (or money, small bottles of lotion, candy or other small gift)

*Something heavy (I use a spaghetti jar)

First, use the touchless can opener to remove the BOTTOM of the can. Don’t take off the top or you’ll ruin it. Dump out contents in a bowl (or eat now if you’re hungry). Wash the can out well. Once it’s clean and dry put your gift inside. I like to also add confetti (that I make with colored paper and my shredder) or tissue paper.

Once the can is full of all the goodies you want to give as gifts it’s time to seal it up. This process took me a few times to get it just right. The key here is patience. First put a line of Aileen’s craft glue all around the top (well, it’s actually the bottom) of the can. Then sit the lid back on. Carefully sit a heavy object on top of the can and let is sit for several hours. I usually let mine sit over night. After several hours take a look at your can. Are there any spaces around the lid where there isn’t glue? If so, use your craft glue and fill in those spots. Let it dry again. DON’T mess with the can while it’s drying or this will end up being a very frustrating project for you.

Once the can is dry you can attach pretty paper around the can using glue or double sided tape (I like to use double sided tape so I don’t have to wait for more glue to dry) or just leave it like it is. Sometimes I like to pretty it up (the recipient can use it as a pencil holder after they’ve removed the gift) and sometimes I like to leave it as is. It’s so funny to see people’s faces when you hand them a can of peaches. Is there really something in there? Will a snake jump out at them?

Everyone I’ve given this gift to has really enjoyed it. Yes, it takes patience to make, but it’s worth it!

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