More Storage in the Kitchen – Adding a Snack Bar

More Storage in the Kitchen – Adding a Snack Bar

Snack Bar

I have a super tiny pantry. Even when it’s really organized I still don’t have room for things. A bag of chips take up 1/4 of a shelf. Bottle water ends up on the kitchen floor. I needed to come up with another way to store food items. Then it came to me – a snack bar!

I bought the shelves from Target for $80. I also bought the little baskets at Target. I made little labels for the baskets out of card stock and covered them in clear packing tape to “laminate” them.


Healthy Snacks

Not So Healthy Snacks

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    • Thanks Angela 🙂 Brianna especially likes it because now the “healthy snacks” are seperated from the “unhealthy” ones. Lol, I might have to sneak some healthy snacks into the unhealthy bin.

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