Travel Check List

Travel Check List

Two weeks ago today I got the kind of phone call no one wants – a close family member had died in a car accident. In my shocked and saddened state I had to pack for my family and I and get ourselves ready for what would be a 3000 mile round trip in the car. We were in the car, loaded and ready to go, in less than 24 hours.

On the trip I thought of the many things I would’ve packed if I would’ve had more time…or if I would’ve been thinking clearly. I decided that I needed to make myself a travel check list.

We travel a lot and I’m always making little lists of things I need to bring. Why not make a large, printable list that contains my most often packed items? That way, whether I’m in a hurry or not, I can make sure to pack the things I need.

Here is my travel check list. I have left open spaces for notes and other items to be listed. Feel free to print out as many as you need. You can also share this with anyone you think might need it. Just please make sure to give me credit for it and include my website.

Safe travels my friends. Enjoy life…it’s way too short.

Travel Check List

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