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How To Organize Your Pantry Part 3 – Dealing With Spice Packets

How To Organize Your Pantry Part 3 – Dealing With Spice Packets

So far we’ve addressed the spices and the bread items in your pantry. Now it’s time for those little packets of sauces, gravies, and seasoning mixes.

I’ve tried several ways to organize these little guys in the past – alphabetizing them by name in a little container, organizing them by type, and just simply throwing them in a little basket. Unfortunately when I went to grab one the other day I realized over half of them were expired. I always forget what I have and end up buying more than I need (I had 6 taco seasoning packets in there!).

Then I came up with this little idea. Why not use little binder clips just like I did for the magazines! Super simple! I nailed a few holes in the wall in my pantry (you can even use the 3m hooks if you want to attach them to the inside of your cabinet doors with out making any holes). Then I simply attached the binder clip to my little packets (keeping gravies together on one clip, taco packets on another, etc) and hung the clip on the nail. Ta-da! All done! It’s organized, out of the way (this is a good use of wasted space), and still right where I can see them!

Spice packets hung up with binder clips

Great And Cheap Way To Store Your Magazines

Great And Cheap Way To Store Your Magazines

Magaizines hanging in laundry room

I love magazines. I really, really do. I love magazines about gardening, decorating, cooking, scrapbooking…I’ve even bought magazines about goats and I don’t even own any of those cute little creatures. I think what I like most about magazines are the short articles. When I have a few free minutes I can pick up a magazine, read an article, and in about 5 minutes I feel like I learned something new. I especially like to keep magazines close to places where I frequently stand waiting for something – in the kitchen by the stove to read while I wait for a timer to go off, in the laundry room where I sometimes wait to switch out the laundry, and of course the car where I sit and wait on my children when I’m picking them up from somewhere.

My problem though has always been this – where can I keep them so they don’t get in the way, lost, or damaged (have you ever pried a wet magazine off of a kitchen counter? Not fun.) I came up with this nifty little idea and all it cost me was a few bucks. I bought pretty colored binder clips from Office Depot for $3. I clipped one to a magazine, hammered a little nail in the wall and then hung the clip on the nail. Super simple. Super cheap.

Binder clips

Magazine covers are so pretty! They almost look like art work. Now my laundry room is even more colorful, and I know right where my magazines are!