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Turn Old T-Shirts Into Purses Or Bags

Turn Old T-Shirts Into Purses Or Bags

Old Camp T-Shirt

My daughter went to camp last year and had a blast. She came home with a camp t-shirt signed by all of her camp buddies. She hasn’t worn that shirt since but it’s been hanging in her closet.

It was time to go to camp again this summer and as she was packing she realized she didn’t have a bag to put her flip flops, beach towel and swim suit in. I immediately thought of that old camp t-shirt. I remembered something I had seen several weeks ago about turning a t-shirt into a bag or purse. Of course I couldn’t find it online when I needed it but figured it couldn’t be that hard.

First I got her permission to do this project (very important first step). Then I put the shirt inside out and sewed up the bottom with my sewing machine. I’m terrible at sewing but I could handle this simple step.

Sleeves and Collar Cut Off

Next I put the shirt right side out and cut off the sleeves and the collar. Viola – finished project in less than 10 minutes.

How cute is she with her new bag?!

Finished Product!

Simple Dog Painting

Simple Dog Painting

Dog Painting

My sweet daughter is a perfectionist. She used to love art but as she has gotten older she has come to almost despise it. She can picture what she wants to do, but her skill level hasn’t caught up to her imagination yet (I believe it will with practice). When I mention that her and I should do an art project together you would think I just asked her to clean the garage. I don’t mind if my kids don’t like the same things I do, but I don’t like the reason that she hates art – that it’s too hard. Art doesn’t have to be hard!

I came up with this simple little art project that is fool-proof. It looks amazing and requires no skill what so ever. She did it and was very proud of the end results. With simple little projects like this she is starting to enjoy art again.

Here’s what we did. I purchased a canvas (the kind with the wooden frame, these are easy to hang) at Hobby Lobby (half off of course). We looked on Print Shop and found a simple profile of a dog. We made it the size we wanted and printed it out.

Dog Print Out From Print Shop

Once it was printed, she cut the dog out and, using double sided tape, attached it to the canvas. Then she chose the paint colors she wanted to use. Even though you can’t really tell from this picture, she used orange, yellow and cream colored acrylic paints. Simply paint the entire canvas (don’t forget the sides). You don’t have to use more than one color. When you’re painting the canvas, lightly push down on the paper as you paint close to it so you don’t accidentally get paint where you don’t want it. Once you have the whole thing painted, remove the paper. You should have a white image of whatever you printed out. I went through with some white paint and a small paint brush and cleaned up any little spots where the orange paint seeped under the paper.

Here is the finished project above the fireplace.

Dog painting in living room

I love art projects that are super easy, super cheap, and super cute! And thankfully, now my daughter does too!