How to Organize Your Pantry Part Two – Dealing with Bread

How to Organize Your Pantry Part Two – Dealing with Bread

Tension rod bread shelf

So far I’ve dealt with the snacks and spices and now it’s time to deal with the bread items.

Breads and buns and bagels, oh my! All of these items take up a lot of space in a pantry. If you’re not careful they can also be squished by other pantry items. As if the space issue AND the squishing aren’t enough, these items can also get moldy quickly. What’s a gal with a small pantry to do? Tension rods of course!

Scary "before" picture

Remember how we took care of the spices? We’re going to do the same thing with the bread – only this time we are going to use TWO tension rods.

Just like with the spices, I used the flat tension rods. The flat ones snap into place (so they won’t fall down) and things don’t fall off of it very easily.

Flat tension rods

Put your first tension rod under a shelf, just an inch or two from the pantry wall. Once it’s in place, put your second tension rod a few inches in front of that. Now you have a nice little shelf to put your bread on. Not only will they be out of the way, but the space between the tension rods allow for air flow so your bread won’t go moldy as fast!

Underneath picture

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  1. If you want a little more of a surface but still want no weight AND air circulating, you could put a heavy-weight plastic mesh sheet (sold at craft stores <$ 1) on the rods to act as a shelf. Great idea!

  2. As if I needed an excuse to go to Target 🙂 I’ve been keeping my bread in a bin in the pantry and it doesn’t work well at all since other stuff seems to find the way into the bin or the bread doesn’t fit right and if I buy more than one loaf, well then that is another issue. I may have to borrow this idea depending on the length of the tension rods (our pantry shelves are quite long).

    • They make really long tension rods so hopefully you can find one that fits – and if not then I’m really jealous that you have such a large pantry! I would love to have a big pantry…maybe in my next house!

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